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I’m Easy!


Matias sisters husbands family Gunnar, Inga and Sofie arrived here in Cape Town 1  1/2 week ago. They are are here for two weeks, and it’s been great to hang out with them. We met them at Waterfront for nice sushi and catching-up on the danish news which was basically something about a bombing man and something about a talent-show. A couple of days later they came to our place where we cooked them dinner.

The team Matias did the Gina test with, asked if Ida wanted to make a polkadot test, and so we did, Friday. Great day, and great team! We had drinks at lunch and hopefully great pictures  will come out of it:) The yoga really payed of in some of those poses!


Friday evening we went for dinner at Long street with Gunnar, Inga and Sofie. They are truly great company. We had Kudu and beef steaks, fried bananas and magical loads of red wine. Gunnar is quite a dancer and everybody was clapping when he went on the stage to dance with the band for the third time.

We went out with Sofie for more beers after the dinner – Puuuhh… Nice to finally have experienced Long street after dark.


Saturday we had (in addition to massive hangovers) brunch at Superette.  Porched eggs with hollandaise, grilled asparagus, bacon, toasted sough dough bread, olive oil, grape fruit juice and coffee. Excellent atmosphere, arrogant staff (“I’m way to arty to be serving you guys, but I need the money”-ish ) formed a really nice eco-sunday-morning-wallpaper-hippie-chick-kind-of-place. We will definitely be back for more!

After food we finally hit the market at old bisquit mill in Woodstock. Farmer food, antiques and vintage stuff everywhere. It was like Waterfront for hippies! Ida was in heaven, Matias was in hell.

The biodynamic frozen yoghurt tasted like air though.


After hippie-heaven in Woodstock, Andile (Ida’s danish friend Nokuthula’s cousin) picked us up. We drove out to a township called Phillippi, where we also were out visiting last week. Andile, who is 23 years old and studies to become a teacher showed us around the township. During the afternoon we went to his parents house, and to the mall to get Amstel, Black label and other beers for later. Andile was throwing a party, and we were invited.

Andile lives with Wendy and his older sister Ayanda in three shacks. The shacks are about 6-9 m2 each and are made out of wood and tin. Around three o’clock people started coming over, and the kwaito (south african deep house music) was already louder than loud.

Six kids washed our car for 20 rand and polished it with news paper while we went out to get food (=meat) for later. The meat is so essential in the townships, just like potatoes in DK.

The party went on until 3 am. The girls was in one shack and the guys was in another. In between we met and danced. As it got later the guys and girls started mixing up and couples were making out in the corners. Ayanda taught Ida how to do shake it african style while cooking chicken wings in the kitchen. Matias was getting respect from the guys by learning them to shoot bottle caps. Respect and hieracy was really important and luckily Matias was the oldest of the guys. At around 2 o’clock everybody was kicked out of the shack that we were sleeping in. Andile cleaned up everything and made our bed. We fell asleep on a nice warm bed in a little tin shack to the sound of mice, music and people talking. We woke up and the sun was shining. Andile had been up all night and was cleaning up outside and collecting bottles. The dog, CJ (named after the character CJ from the tv-show The Bold and The Beautiful, which is a big hit here) was fast asleep and we drove back to the city in the shiny old merc around 11 am.

It is by far the wildest experience we’ve had in South Africa so far. Going to a township is like visiting another country. You really can´t compare it with the rest of this city. A lot of people has told us that we should visit a township to experience “the real” South Africa. Does that make all the hippie café’s, yoga-gyms and other things we’ve seen so far less real? Don’t think so! There has been written tons of books on Apartheid and to think that we have the slightest idea about the history of South Africa after spending two months in Cape Town would be rather ignorant. But we do have eyes and ears, and what you experience as a visitor is really two different countries combined in one single city. Maybe that is what makes this place so extraordinary. But it can also be really ugly, and it forces you to really consider the choices you make, when you are confronted with other peoples poverty every single day. Closing the eyes is too easy, but nevertheless we are doing it all the time.


We have made a very adult decision to stay in Cape Town the next month instead of going to Kruger National Park. It is simply too expensive for us to spend 25.000 dkr on a two week safari right now. And besides that, we are not nearly done with Western Cape yet. So instead of heading way up north we are keeping the apartment and taking our faithful car on a roadtrip along the coast (The Garden Route) in the middle of this month. Till then, more castings, tests, work and play in and around Cape Town.

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Weekend with:

New hair (both of us)



Tapas at Fork

New shoes for Ida (Matias HATES them:))

A Sunday-date with a guy from a township called Phillippi

Water colour and paper

Greenhouse photo editing

Writing the final words on Danske Modellers forretningsgrundlag (finally! Ended up filling 15 pages)


Dinner and a movie tonight:)

Have a great weekend!

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Hello Friends!

Sorry it’s been so long. Ever since we got that damn merc all we do is drive around looking for whales. And some times other things…
♣ ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ ♣
Stuff That Happened to Us

  • Matias did a test with a really beautiful african girl yesterday (we will post the pictures later). It was nice having people (a make-up artist, a stylist and two fun guys) in the apartment, and it made us realize how much time we actually spend together just the two of us. The test was shot near Camps Bay which offers some of the most scenic beaches around the city and is therefore used a lot for locations.
  • Ida went up side down on her hands yesterday during her final yoga class with Ralph. He is a very funny and inspiring man with expressions like “Yoga can be a bitch”, “If you want a sissy sassy Yoga-class, don’t come to mine”, and in the middle of a very painful and weird position with a name you can’t pronounce, he goes: “Now stretch your arms up and pray for guidance!” There is this woman in the classes who always wears dark red lipstick and dangling ear jewelery. She is extremely flexible and is the best in class at headstand. Her name is Renata and she is 72 years old and is from Germany. She talks a lot about her children and the importance of having a home. She misses Germany, even though she lived here for 50 years. We made a tea date in her home in Camps Bay next week. Will be very nice since old people can really be the best company.
  • We saw the most spectacular things at our weekend hike around Cape Point (Kap det gode Håb). It was so nice that we forgot to take pictures. After walking for three hours and finally making it to the tourist trap restaurant it was very liberating to see a cool single-mom working her own ways into the drug-store. A baboon with a baboon kid on her back went straight in, grabbed a bag of nachos and eat them in front of all of us fat tourists. Hang-overs must never be underestimated:)
♣ ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ ♣

We miss you a lot.

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