Lions Head

Matias’ Red Zone of the day Taking a public mini-bus taxi to the city

Ida’s red zone of the day Taking the non-recommended-go-at-your-own-risk route on top of a f*** mountain.

This morning Matias edited some pictures while Ida went pretend-running for 30 minutes. It’s so beautiful here, you wouldn’t believe it. Please come visit! The promenade along the atlantic ocean should be on the top 5 of places to be in this world. After breakfast (Toast with butter and cheese for Matias, boiled water with 4 tbls. salt and 2 spoons of oil for Ida – Seriously, Mie, are you sure about this?!) we went to town and Matias very spontainously jumped onto a hollering mini-bus taxi, and, to Matias’ surprise it didn’t kill us. It was extremely easy to use, it felt sort of safe and with the loud bass and casual cruisin atmosphere, we almost felt like one of the home boys. We weren’t. In town we had a big smoothie, and they have a trick here where you can boost it with a shot of different healthy things for 15 rand (10 dkr). It’s nice, and today Ida had an energy shot which was needed later on. Matias figured it was time for some adventure (reminder: we’ve been here for two days) and we decided to climb a mountain. So we did. The mountain is called Lions Head and is the one behind me on the picture taken yesterday. It was a really rough and steep trip, especially since we decided on walking all the way from the city. It didn’t make us feel any cooler when we were overtaken on the way up by ten running people. Psychos… Anyway. We made it to the top and the view was spectacular (check the header! We stay at Dolphin Bay) This city has such a variety in people, nature and even weather. It feels like it’s changing all the time.

On the way back it got cloudy and we decided: Best to stay in for the night. Sanne’s apartment (the one we’re renting) is so comfortable and homely that we would rather stay here, allthough the restaurants here are phenomenal and cheap.

It’s nice to hear from you all back home – Please comment if ever you feel like it.


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3 Responses to Lions Head

  1. Lene says:

    Gode mennesker…

    Hvor ser det dejligt ud. I kaster jer ud i den gule Zone – udfordringszonen – vi andre kalder det ‘FLOW-tilstanden’, der hvor udfordringerne får en til at sprænge grænserne for, hvad man troede at kunne og pludselig gør man noget, som man slet ikke vidste at man overhovedet havde lyst til, endsige mulighed for.

    Tag endelig flere billeder og SKRIV, SKRIV, SKRIV!

    Knus fra Lenemor

  2. Karen says:

    Godt du fik hatten med Ida!

  3. flemming jensen says:

    at leve er at gøre, hvad man ikke tør!

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