God bless public transportation!

One of the minibus drivers happily yelled this out loud after fucking up all the traffic when stopping to pick us up today. Still loving it here!

Our Top Pick of things to do in Cape Town:

1) Spring arrived!! Hurray for sunscreen 50 and hot flashes

2) Matias walked on the top of Signal Hill, made some homeless friends and visited an islamic mosque.

3) While doing so, Ida was drinking cappuchinos at Bread Milk & Honey and buying more Essie nail polishes. Spending time apart is the best! Why haven’t we thought of that any sooner? (The link also shows the difference between a flat white and a cappuchino, We still don’t get it though).

4) The other morning we got slammed out because the wind banged in the door while we ate breakfast in the yard. Luckily the bathroom window was open so Ida went out to find a wrench and Matias then removed one of the bars from the window and crawled inside. Adventure!

5) Ida left Zero Models and is now at Full Circle Model Management where there is a complete different energy level and drive. Castings and go-sees everyday and no one is telling you to loose weight. Yay for castings and nice people.

6) Matias bought clothes!!

7) Renting classics at Pyramid video:

Phenomenal (and long).

Dissapointing (and long).

Beautiful (and long).

8 ) Baking rugbrød (sorry, but it doesn’t translate). Made a sour dough and walked around all city looking for whole rye. And we succeeded! Straight out of the oven, with cold salted Lurpak: Victory over white toast bread!

9) In a moment of excitement we accidentally gave up our apartment at Heibergsgade from the 1. of december. So now we are looking for a flat in Århus C. 70 m2. 6000 dkr/month’ish. Anyone?

And there you have our past week tied up in a cyberspace bow:)

Mange kram from the wanna bees Down South.


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2 Responses to God bless public transportation!

  1. Hey friends,

    det lyder så sygt lækkert. Stadig…:)
    jeg tror forskellen er, at en cappuchino er mere skummet (og mange steder med kakao på toppen, dog ikke i Italien!). En flat white er det samme som en latte, bare serveret i kop (ligesom på Laundromat). Og så er der vist nogle, der argumenterer for, at en flat white er en lille smule kortere (altså med mindre mælk) end latten…som normalt er 1:4, cappuchino 1:3, macchiato (skummet som cappuchino) og cortado (skummet som latte) er 1:2

    Hell café yeah!

    Savner jer som døden…

  2. hyellow says:

    Jamen ja. Det er også min erfaring herfra at flat white er en latte forklædt som cappuchino, men uden det gode søde på toppen:) Mærkeligt. Skal vi ikke drikke kaffe til vi dør i december? Savner også dig.

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